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흡/토출 구경 2"
최대 유량 560 LPM
최대 흡입능력 6.4M
최대 통과입자크기


Casing 재질종류 Aluminum/SS 316/ Cast-Iron
Diaphragm 재질 종류 Teflon/Santoprene/Viton/Hytrel/Buna-n/Geolast
  Stainless Steel Ductile Iron Aluminium Aluminium Extension*
A 227.7mm 213.1mm 213.1mm 213.1mm
B 239.0mm 230.1mm 230.1mm 230.1mm
C 393.7mm 312.4mm 312.4mm 328.2mm
D 165.1mm 152.4mm 152.4mm 152.4mm
E 458.9mm 443.2mm 443.2mm 443.2mm
F 565.7mm 492.2mm 505.5mm 579.1mm
G 625.8mm 542.8mm 556.3mm 631.9mm
H 668.0mm 584.2mm 597.7mm 673.3mm
J 60.2mm 50.8mm 50.8mm 50.8mm
K 24.1mm 9.7mm 9.7mm 9.7mm

*Aluminium extended pump matches the inlet to outlet dimensions of Widen and Aro aluminium pumps.

  This will help for ease of installation during upgrades.